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Pushing back some movies creates a domino effect that will impact the movie pipeline for years. In the case of Black Widow, numerous other Marvel movies—which tend to dominate the box office—are being pushed back. Even before the pandemic, smaller, independent films were increasingly being financed and shown on streaming services, and that trend is expected to continue. On June 5, 2020, Governor of California Gavin Newsom announced that film and television production could resume in the state beginning June 12, provided that conditions permit and approval is received from a county’s public health officials. Newsom incorporated key guidelines from the task force’s report. With both Los Angeles and New York City having allowed cinemas to reopen by March 2021, it was expected that film distributors would be more confident in releasing higher-profile films.

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  • It means getting rid of the ideas of performance as product and audience as consumer, and caring more about comfort, safety and accessibility for the greatest number and variety of people.
  • There is no doubt that the studios are learning that they are becoming more powerful.
  • He’s heard arguments for “re-shoring” production and stockpiling key products and parts so that the shortages caused by the pandemic across an array of industries doesn’t happen again.
  • On June 15, it was announced that the Academy Awards would be pushed back by two months from February 28 to April 25, so that the cutoff for eligibility could likewise be extended from December 31, 2020, to February 28.

I’d like the everyday, working-class, front-line workers we currently and deservedly revere, from hospital staff to sanitation workers and grocery clerks, to be able to see theater as an art with a place for them as well. That means it would be both affordable and focused on inclusivity and telling fotos de mar saura the widest variety of stories. First of all, I do not believe we are ever “going back to normal,” if that means returning to making theater the way we did before the pandemic. It demands asking the essential question — is theater necessary? Just as we did in the ’60s and ’70s, inspired by Peter Brook’s “The Empty Space” and Jerzy Grotowski’s “Towards a Poor Theatre,” we will have to strip down to what is fundamental to making great theater. Some of the most important work of the 20th century came out of this movement.

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“The industry is used to having at least a few films boast $1bn worldwide, which is a number we might not see for quite some time now. There has been speculation that the next James Bond outing No Time To Die – which is due out in late September in the UK after being delayed three times – could be postponed yet again. However, on Wednesday The Hollywood Reporter suggested that’s unlikely to happen.

Theaters and movie sets were shut down for months, causing the U.S. box office to lose $5 billion in 2020. Only 338 movies were released in theaters in 2020, a 66% decline from 2019. The number of movies that began production in 2020 declined significantly, taking a 45% drop to 447. Simon from Fox Rothschild is expecting the basic business to remain the same post-pandemic; auteurs will show their films at festivals, where they may or may not find theaters willing to exhibit them.

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Production companies withheld new releases and Hollywood studios stopped making movies in this period. In mid-March, an attempt to tentatively start opening cinemas again after the easing of the lockdown saw distributors refuse to release new films and audiences stay at home. Already, the almost 500 cinemas that tried to open have shut down again after receiving a letter from the government. Cinema-goers argued that it was too soon to open auditoriums and it was safer to watch films at home, especially when no vaccine for Covid-19 exists. The relative success of outdoor cinema – even in the UK, which traditionally doesn’t have a culture of drive-ins – is also indicative of a pent-up desire for wide theatrical releases among audiences and distributors. That is in part behind Digital Cinema Media’s advertising partnership with outdoor cinema company Hideaway Cinema.

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Paramount announced on March 20, Sonic the Hedgehog was also planning to have an early release to video on demand, on March 31. On March 16, Warner Bros. announced that Birds of Prey would be released early to video on demand on March 24. Three days later, the studio then announced that The Way Back would also be available on video on demand the same date as Birds of Prey.

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COVID-19 has done something two world wars were not able to achieve. But to borrow from Mark Twain, reports of the death of cinema have always been greatly exaggerated. First it was television, then home video, then computer games, interactive movies, downloading and virtual reality that spelled the end of the big screen. Lana Nguyen is a writer and filmmaker currently pursuing a BFA in Film Production at USC. Her love for film stems from the belief that empathetic and humanistic stories can help enact cultural change, and is excited to review such releases in film and media. is the premier online destination for professionals seeking industry news, information, articles, directories and services.

While OTT is long-form story-telling, Cinemas are a 3 hour moviecation experience. I hope he’s right, and I suspect that he is correct that in the near-term the rise of HBO Maxes and Disney Pluses and Paramount Pluses means that more moviemakers will get bankrolled. It would be a shame, however, if directors don’t press for some sort of theatrical release.

Following the pandemic in mainland China, 70,000 cinemas were closed in January 2020. In the first two months of 2020, China’s box office was down to US$3.9 million, compared to US$2.148 billion in the first two months of 2019. Later, as a result of the pandemic in Italy, on March 8, 2020, the Italian government ordered all cinemas to be closed, for up to a month. Before the closure, box office tracking estimated a 94% drop for the weekend of March 6–8 compared to the same period the previous year.