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It is not the typical is school a waste of time study abroad program where you interact with some students that you happen to meet that are either from your university or some other university and you get to interact and become friends with other Germans or other nationalities. You are ultimately surrounded by Americans because there is one hallway for the entire program on the Nebencampus and all of the courses are taught by professors, specific to this program. I liked the program in the Spring semester because I really connected with people but the Fall was hard, I didn’t make many friends. If you were thinking about doing it for two semesters, I would prepare yourself for comparing every thing to the first semester. It will be different and it will be hard to adjust to new people when you experienced everything the first time with others.

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  • With the UK leaving Europe this trend will only accelerate and the choice of destination and courses will need to expand to meet the demand of EU students not willing to pay the additional cost of studying in the UK from September 2021.
  • Sometimes, no good solution to a dilemma in medical ethics exists, and occasionally, the values of the medical community (i.e., the hospital and its staff) conflict with the values of the individual patient, family, or larger non-medical community.
  • The application must be complete and received in time at the International Office of the German Sport University.
  • In addition, the sponsor must maintain SOPs that cover system setup, installation, and use.
  • Effective interventions that target the prevention of HCV transmission and the treatment of hepatitis C are needed, particularly for so-called ‘hard to reach’ and vulnerable populations.

The UAM offers a Master’s in biotechnology focusing on the development and manufacturing of biological processes and products, covering applications in health, plant, microbial, nano and industrial biotechnology. The university collaborates with multiple renowned biology research centers in Madrid. This university in Trondheim offers a Master’s in biotechnology that covers multiple biotechnology applications, including microbiology, chemical engineering, nanotechnology, food science and marine biochemistry. The program includes a research project to be undertaken in the university’s biotechnology department. Imperial runs undergraduate and graduate courses related to biotechnology, with multiple specializations available. For those interested in research, there are Master’s programs available with a major focus on undertaking a research project rather than on taught courses.

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For any submissions prior to December 31, 2021, the applicant should have registered their clinical trial on an established international register. If deferral of registration is needed, then contact the HRA at The registry number, if available, should continue to be used in section A.5. Of the application form in IRAS (GBR-78) when preparing the application.


Immigration and customs policies when you’re travelling in Europe will depend on which countries you are travelling between. If you’re travelling between two countries within the Schengen Area, you are able to fly without showing your passport. 26 countries within Europe signed the Schengen Agreement of 1985, which effectively eliminated internal borders. Find out facts about these European airlines, including which flies to the most destinations, which have the most coverage and which airline to use for different European regions. Before you book your flights, check out our guide to the cheapest day to buy flights to help you discover when the best time to book your flights might be. Europe has seen a proliferation of low-cost airlines, which have emerged over recent years and transformed air travel within Europe.

To do so, contact the ENIC/NARIC centre in the country where you would like your diplomas assessed for “comparability”. This could be your home country if you return home after your studies, or another EU country if you move there for work or further study. She then moved to France to pursue a postgraduate degree, but found that the French authorities did not recognise her diploma, requesting that she obtain a document certifying her qualifications from a French university.

Nearly half (46%) of supporters of RN and 41% of supporters of Alternative für Deutschland in Germany held this view. People in Poland (84%) and Lithuania (83%) are especially positive, giving the two highest ratings for the EU of all countries included in the study. Enthusiasm is more tempered in the Czech Republic, though 52% of Czechs still rate the EU favorably. If you are younger than 30 years of age and are staying in the Netherlands solely in order to study, you will not be able to take out basic insurance with a Dutch healthcare insurer in the Netherlands. However, the student must continue to meet the conditions for intra-EU mobility for study purposes. However, the student or the education establishment in the Netherlands must inform the IND that the stay is a case of intra-EU mobility.

The MHCTR and GBR-113 state that the research participant and/or his/her legal representative or guardian should be provided with contact information for the sponsor and the investigator to address trial-related inquiries. The MHCTR2006 indicates that the sponsor must also ensure that the investigator are qualified by training and experience. Additionally, the sponsor must define and allocate all study related duties and responsibilities to the relevant parties participating in the study. This is a UK-wide final report for all project-based research studies that have been reviewed by an EC within the UK Health Departments’ Research Ethics Service (GBR-62). The information contained in this final report helps the Research Ethics Service to monitor whether the research was conducted in accordance with the EC’s favorable opinion and applicable transparency requirements.