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Strategic plan – how a frim will compete given its resources, capabilities and the dynamics of the environment. Business plan – the firm’s intention on how to implement its strategy. There are two different types of plans that often get confused. The value proposition is how you explain and communicate to customers what’s in it for them – why they should buy.

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  • Well, there are different businesses in the industry, and with that; there are different business models as well.
  • – This is a summary of how you will be spending money, making money, and using the money for the future, which is information you developed from your Business Model.
  • The Lean Startup method coaches you on how to guide a startup?

He holds a BA in Political Science from Rutgers College, an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Drexel University and participated in the Executive Education , International Program at Wharton School. He began his career in the industry at FNX Solutions, an early player in the ASP space , which offered capital markets risk management solutions to global financial institutions. At FNX Solutions, Mr. Cannon created and led the client relationship business, managing a global team of client relationship managers, business analysts and software developers. Most recently, he served as a managing director in SunGard’s Capital Market & Investment Banking group, overseeing a team with responsibility for client services and relationship management. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Saint Joseph’s University.

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For example, a company can purchase its products from a manufacturing company and then resell these products to its customer base or to various retailers. With this business model, distributors can set prices to earn a profit and use various promotional strategies to ensure sales. A company’s target market refers to a group of consumers that’s interested in its products and services.

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In this business model, retailers buy goods from distributors and sell them to their customers at a price that not only covers their expenses, but also helps them earn a profit. While some retailers have a niche, others may carry a variety of products. SaaS is a cloud-based service where software is licensed on a subscription basis. In this business model, customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access a software. This business model is a diagram that details an industry’s or business’ functions.

Strategyzer researched hundreds of business models and discovered diverse patterns, called business model shifts. Does your brand inspire more confidence in customers than your competitor’s brand? The real test here is to understand if customers pay a price premium because of your reputation. Compare health results of different business models, e.g., diverse business units, or compare with “best in class” performer.

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Some rely on lengthy processes and build complicated models, while others move quickly to articulate the basics. Having the discipline to work through this planning tool forces internal alignment. Business models and business plans are both important tools that help you create and refine your strategy.

First, hiring experts or developing a list of freelancing consultants, and second, charging a fee to provide access to these experts by your clients. Typically, your experts will provide a service that speaks to the consumer’s needs. Hopefully, the customer will return to you as further needs arise. Common examples of this could be online tutoring, mentoring, and freelance work in several different fields. Not knowing, understanding, and choosing the right business model can be detrimental to your business.

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