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This flour is used to make bread, crackers, pasta, breakfast cereals, and pastries. Its nutritional value is higher, however, when it is consumed whole. Approximately 15% of the world’s calorie intake comes from wheat. Researchers at England’s Oxford Polytechnic Institute found that by eating 1 teaspoon of prepared mustard can boost the metabolism by up to 25 percent for several hours after eating. Not only that, a study published in the Asian Journal of Clinical Nutritionfound that visceral adipose tissue of rats fed a diet of pure lard was lowered when the diet was supplemented with mustard oil. Scientists attribute mustard’s belly-blasting abilities to allyl isothiocyanates, phytochemicals that give the popular condiment its characteristic flavor.

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  • Potassium is an important nutrient for the balance in our health condition.
  • We were also featured in the 2017 National Geographic book, Ultimate Journeys for Two, for which we contributed a chapter on our adventures in Rwanda.
  • And you can open up your grill to more creative choices, too—all packed with nutrients and protein that’ll keep your fitness goals on track without sacrificing flavor.
  • Apples are a great fruit source of fiber, which studies have proven to be integral to reducing visceral fat.

Healthy foods are the ones that are most beneficial to our health. Popular health food items include natural foods, organic foods, whole foods and even dietary supplements. There are also food items that lay claim to specific health benefits. You’ll find Michelin-star restaurants alongside street vendors. The one thing that makes New York one of the best food destinations in the world is that it has some of the most talented and famous chefs.


There’s also a growing body of research into the role of curcumin in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Dozens of restaurant lunenburg studies show that people who consume cocoa–as a hot drink or eaten as dark chocolate–are in much better cardiovascular shape than those who don’t. Researchers attribute cocoa’s health benefits to polyphenols and flavanols, anti-inflammatory compounds that help protect the heart in a number of ways. Studies have shown this sweet spice can help control inflammation-related diseases such as diabetes, liver cirrhosis, and degenerative diseases of the brain like Alzheimer’s. Dr. Lindsey Duncan, a nutritionist who’s worked with Reggie Bush, is a big fan of pumpkin seeds.

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Researchers suspect its the lignans—plant compounds—found in sesame seeds that makes them so special. In a 2015 study, women who consumed high levels of lignans tended to weigh less and gain less weight over time when compared to women who didn’t consume these compounds in high amounts. Try slathering some sesame-based tahini on a piece of bread instead. Organically raised cows are not subject to the same hormones and antibiotics that conventional cows are; no antibiotics for them means no antibiotics for you. Grass fed cows have been shown to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and two to five times more CLA than their corn and grain fed counterparts. While skim milk may be lowest in calories, many vitamins are fat-soluble, which means you won’t get all the benefits of the alphabetical nutrients listed on your cereal box unless you opt for at least 1%.

The next place on our list of food destinations around the world is the wine capital of the world, Bordeaux. Paris is definitely one of the places to be when you visit France, but Bordeaux isn’t far behind. You can enjoy the most amazing scenery with a glass of wine in hand.

The fun began when an argument between two farmers got out of hand in 1945, and 22,000 festival-goers have descended on Bunol in Spain to recreate the ensuing town-wide food fight every year since. The festival is held on the last Wednesday of every August, with six massive trucks used to throw 160 tons of tomatoes onto the streets. Check out our comprehensive food travel guides loaded with real-life photos and insightful pro tips. As a foodie who is often disappointed by these types of lists as waaaaaaaay too “American” I am actually pretty aligned with this one ! Tel Aviv and Lima likely got a bit snubbed by more traditional cuisine hot spots like Lyon and Rome but overall solid list.

It’s super low in calories, has no fat, and is full of fiber, plus it’s packed with iron and vitamin K. Kale is also high antioxidants, which besides fighting free radicals, they fight inflammation as well. Kale also helps to restore and maintain an alkaline state once consumed. With more than twice your daily requirement of vitamin A and vitamin C, this is truly one of the best super foods on the planet.