Are Custom Business Cards Dead, Or Are They Still Relevant?

This article covers why business card printing is essential in any marketing strategy. Networking is all about making connections, and business cards are something physical and tangible that people can hold in their hands. It’s a way to connect with them outside of an intangible digital space. In 2020, you will even be able to scan business cards with our app and immediately place this information in a customer information sheet. This will allow you to work very efficiently at trade fairs and no information will be lost.

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Storing it in your wallet along with other papers or coins may not be the best thing. Handling dented, soiled, or a bent card can hurt your business image. Neither should they lie somewhere in your briefcase, held together with a rubber band, as it sends the wrong message to the client. The best thing is to invest a bit in the card case, preferably leather card case.

  • A sharp and sleek business card shows that you’re a professional in your industry and you recognize the importance of establishing meaningful connections.
  • It’s no secret that making a good first impression is vital when networking or talking to potential clients.
  • A quick business card swap allows you to capture the information you need to later connect via a phone call, text, or email – or to research their company and connect on LinkedIn.
  • What’s the point of a business card when so much work is done digitally?
  • Anyone who has business cards sitting on their desk, in their pockets or in a drawer will know that over the past couple of years, they have just gathered dust.

For example, if you’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, you can put that recognizable logo on your card. Include relevant websites and social media accounts that are important to your ideal customers. If either party is in a hurry, you can share business cards in a second. By the way, I couldn’t find any statistic that said handing out business cards leads to a decrease in revenue.

Why Do Business Cards Still Work?

Your business card can be the opportunity to make the best first impression, showcasing the quality of your work, products and service. Your business card could be the difference to making a sale or not. Research and polls demonstrate that the business card is still very much in use, despite the continued rise in online methods and social media channels, like LinkedIn. Anyone who has business cards sitting on their desk, in their pockets or in a drawer will know that over the past couple of years, they have just gathered dust.

Or on the other hand, you could likewise turn it into a critical marketing tool that helps people to remember your business. When you meet someone that could potentially be a great prospect or connection, don’t you want him or her to walk away with a great first impression? A memorable business card does a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number. Now imagine being at the same event without a business card. You’ve managed to talk to someone and they’re really interested in your products and services, and want you details. Writing them down on a napkin doesn’t give the same impression as you would want to give.

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A few business card apps double as a business card scanner, so politely ask the person to hold up their card and then use your phone to scan it. Many might argue that they are outdated and newer media should be used in their place. However, there are many reasons why business cards have stayed relevant even today. You can easily turn your business card into a brochure to tell your prospective clients what you can really do for them. Or, you could also turn it into a memorable promotional tool that will remind people of your business.

Use a QR code (they’re not dead yet, either) to connect your card digitally to a landing page. Select a landing page that will move them along in the sales process. They will probably have suggestions you might not otherwise find. Here are several ways to make your business card more effective. 2 – Despite appearances to the contrary, the whole world doesn’t own smartphones. And if they do, sometimes they simply don’t like to use them.

How To Be human In Your Business Marketing

Luxury finishes, modern materials, different sizes, unique designs and colors – these make all the difference. Indeed, in some countries, like Singapore, China, South Korea and Japan, etiquette requires you to use business cards in a formal business environment. There are even specific protocols to follow when exchanging business cards and in some cultures if you don’t have one, don’t expect a call any time soon.

3 – Get creative, as long as its relevant to your brand. Thus, even a moderately good card, routinely handed out, is likely to increase your sales as noted in our first statistic above. The naysayers, I suppose, can’t be bothered to invest in professional cards. Seriously, why would you bother to hand out cheap looking cards? It reflects a lack of professionalism rather than any kind of logic.

Refer to what you talked about and tell them you look forward to staying in touch. Also, if you promised to send them something, make sure you provide them with the information or attachment. After you receive a business card from someone else, write a few notes on the back. It’ll help you remember what was important about the connection. Just make sure you do it when you’re not with the person.